Reselling your NFTs on a Secondary Market

Find out more about withdrawing your NFTs to your MetaMask wallet and reselling your NFTs on the secondary market.

What is MetaMask?
    • MetaMask is a web browser extension

    • Blockparty secondary market is coming soon! In the near future, you will be able to resell items directly on the Blockparty platform. 

    • If you wish to sell items in the meantime you can withdraw them to Opensea via your MetaMask wallet, and sell them there. For more information on selling with Opensea, read this article.

    • In the near future, you will also be able to do direct swaps for Ethereum and NFTs on the decentralized exchange NFT Protocol. These transactions will be cheaper than other options, so if you already have a buyer or a seller you are connected with, this is a very attractive option. You will also be able to swap one NFT for another on this platform, without any need to trust the other party you are swapping with.

    • For more information on NFT Protocol swaps, visit