Artist Spotlight: Exploring the Aesthetics of Astral Bodies with Arrogant Kei

Arrogant Kei evokes images of the celestial wonders in glitch-inspired gradients. Harnessing the aesthetics of astral bodies and cosmic exploration, his interstellar artworks create dimensions where ideas flow freely and emotions are explored. We spoke with Kei about his creative journey, artistic influences, and to discuss his latest exhibition "We're Almost Home."

You’re best known for your surrealistic pieces with astral and spiritual themes. Who are your north stars, creatively? Who’s informed your work the most as you’ve cultivated your aesthetics?


Creatively my north stars within the art world would be Hajime Soroyama, Gilbert Williams, and Hayao Miyazaki Director of Studio Ghibli. All of these creators have a pivotal role in the world of visionary art and storytelling. There's a certain feeling of wonder I've always tried to capture in my work, and they do it the best, from Hajime's metallic futuristic figures to Gilbert Williams's ethereal landscapes, to Miyazaki's jaw-dropping animated films. 



How has your journey changed since joining Web3, and most importantly, where did it all begin?

Joining Web3 has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends, join a thriving community, and get a head start on being able to live through my art. The digital landscape has never seen an impact as large as NFTs and crypto. It all began in late 2020 right before the big boom. Honestly, perfect timing for me as I was cultivating my art style from the ground up. Once the community noticed my work was a bit unique from others, interest began to rise and a path began to mold itself.




What is your artistic process when creating digital art, both conceptually and technically speaking? 

My process always involves looking at the inner workings of a person whether that stems from love, happiness, triumph, sadness, or loneliness. It's always a matter of how well can I depict this sensation we all go through, but on a planetary scale. For my work, bigger is always better. Put those feelings front row and center. Don't run, but embrace them. I work with both 3D and 2D digital software such as Cinema 4D for my base model, then Photoshop and Procreate for color and texture. This allows me to create essentially anything I imagine with enough study and practice. 




You recently hosted your second exhibition in Atlanta alongside 730t, congrats! Can you tell us a little bit about the exhibit and the message behind the title "We're Almost Home"?

"We're Almost Home" is an exhibition between both myself and a fellow artist @730t__. She is from LA and myself from Atlanta. Our message behind this title is that home can be anywhere, as long as you are accepted, and you have your loved ones with you. The collaboration pieces we created accentuated this by depicting figures in completely different environments, but a sense of safety and comfort was still there. All pieces were either painted or printed on canvas.


What single, most important, advice would you give to up-and-coming creators in the space?

The most important advice I can give to someone, especially when first starting, is to do nothing for success, monetary gain, or fame. Allow your love and passion for creating to drive you to wherever you're destined. You'll achieve exactly what you desire that way.