Blockparty 2020: Year in Review

We want to take some time to reflect on what this year has meant for us.

We want to take some time to reflect on what this year has meant for us.

We launched our NFT art and collectibles market at the end of August and it has been an absolute rocketship ever since. Let’s look at some of what we accomplished in the last ~ 4 months.

  • Launched a ‘hub and spoke’ model primary NFT market, after building it in stealth for 9 months prior

  • Immediately sold out our first drop, featuring renowned artists like Harif Guzman, Ryan Keeley, and Mark Paul Derren.

  • Featured other top artists like 3LAU,  Adventure Club, and Matt Szczur.

  • Completed our first ‘spoke’, the Ethereum bridge, to allow withdrawal to and minting on the Ethereum network via the Blockparty platform.

  • Improved user and artist experience, including industry-leading payment options and industry-leading file types for artists (.glb and 100MB file size now supported)

  • Announced partnerships with Kira Network, CADAF, and Dapper Labs/FLOW Blockchain

In total, we completed 9 drops, sold 70 pieces of art, and brought in over $100,000 in total revenue in just our first four months! Our first set of drops were among the most successful ever for a newly launched NFT platform, with 95% of all listed work being sold out. 

The best part? These numbers are just a small fraction of what’s coming in 2021. That begs the question, what’s next for Blockparty in the coming year?

  • The level of artists and brands doing drops on Blockparty is going to be much much larger. Think world-famous, globally recognized.

  • More ‘spokes’ will be added in our Hub and Spoke model. Next on the list is the very exciting FLOW blockchain, which will open us up to that ecosystem

  • Secondary market! We are working on secondary market now and expect to finish it in the first half of the coming year.

  • Launch of auctions, site design overhaul, and improvements to the mobile site experience.

  • More active communications. Stealth mode is over now. As the core platform functionality has been completed and we have exited MVP mode so too will our communications evolve, and follow suit. In short, we’re going to turn up the gas on content.

  • Exciting new product offerings that will bridge the physical and the digital world.

  • New reward and incentive systems for Blockparty users and NFT token holders.

We are overjoyed to have the support of the collectors, the artists, and the other companies who work alongside us to advance the NFT industry. The promise of the industry is crystal clear now. We expect 2021 to be the year NFTs go from niche to mainstream. We’re honored to be a driving force behind that growth and transition.

From all of us to all of you, thank you. 

See you in the New Year :)